Saturday, June 11, 2016

Curhat Bacot #2

Yeay. Back again with me KenArap si Blogger bacot. #ew #plagiator

Nope. Just joke.
Like the other story, i want to tell you about my freind. Just called her N. She is my classmate, she is pretty smart and slow (like a sloth). What i want to tell is, (Oke, once again, all the story at this fucking blog just my OPINION. Don’t judge that quick.) she has a family that is kinda overprotective? Idk. What i know is, she looks like live at a jail.

Cause, about a year ago, i have a plan to go with her. Like, go to the mall. Then, her mother ban her to go out with me. i really shock with that. Because, she said that i am not polite with her family. Like, i know her family and i really scared to go to her house to said ‘hi’ to her mother. Like, really scared.

Then, her mother told her that i’m such a jerk. Like an asshole that bring someone child go out without her mother permission. Then, her mother also told her that she is—decided to N—is a bitch. Cause, she easily go out with someone that her mother doesn’t know. I was like... “Whaattttt???” like, she is in a jail. She can’t go out with someone else. I was totally freaking out, like—sorry—what kind of parents are they?

After thinking for 10 decades, i wondering, how will N’s BF could be? Like seriously, think about it. Maybe, her BF need to follow alll the rules that N’s mother made. Like, a long long long rules.

Then, i was like telling my self that this is isn’t Kartini’s era okay. This is modern era. You can’t keep your child in a prison like that. Like, i was telling my friend what would you do if your parent do this to you. The answer is simple. Cry. Really cry. Like, even my mother didn’t do that to me. She let me go out, but i need to know the limits. I can go out but i must not go home at 11 PM.

Well, that is. I know the story is short. Cause, i can do it anymore.


--thank you for waste your time to read this fucking bullshit. Come back later.

--thenk you ws mampir ke gubuk jelek ku ini. Lek kon suka, bagi’o, lek gak suka yws, jok datang maneh. Matek’o ae. Buwai-buwai

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