Sunday, June 12, 2016

Curhat Bacot #3

Maybe this blog can be my daily blog. Like another version of VLOG. BLOG. GOBLOG.

Okay. Joking. But the daily blog i take it seriously. So, the new sinetron is.... I need food. I know, i know, a girl like me need food. Kinda weird huh? But i really need food. I REALLY NEED FOOD. If i must choose, food/make up. Simple. Ofc FOOD. I don’t need makeup if i have food. Food can make us alive and be free. Makeup. Nah. Dimakan aja kagak, cmn dipake tok. Heyeh.

Back to topic. Like i said berfore, my new house is kinda bad. Like, almost everyday i fasting like a stupid pig ass. (Don’t worry guys, i not make fun of you who is fasting. Especially when ramadhan day. I’m just telling that i am fasting like stupid pig ass Why? Read—cause listen is mainstream—my story first). First, i’m fasting cause, the food at my ‘house’ is terribly bad. Like, really bad. Even makanan untuk buka and sahur much more delicious than the food at my ‘house’.

Everytime i saw a food at snapchat i was like, “EH. GUE BELUM MAKAN LU UDH BUKA DULUAN.” I really hate that situation. And right now, my room a.k.a my bedroom is my house. Like, i ate snack at there (I know that snack is not healty), sometimes i ate McD like someone who doesn’t have any choice to ate at anywhere else (in 1 month—no—like this 1 month ago, i almost ate McD 2 month almost every week) then i ate INDOMIEH. Who doesn’t love indomieh?

I really need food. Like real food. Everytime i just watching Tasty make some food and then i gonna said “I will make this food. Someday.” But, in the end, i didn’t make any of them. I always want to eat at outside but, i really bad at tasting. I really scared if i buy something and it not delicous. Ikr, it’s weird. But, how i supposed to do? Eating the air? I always tell my self that in a minute, it already midnight. And i really happy when it’s already midnight. Cause, i can stay at my room for a long time.

Actually, i had a trouble with ‘this family’. Cause, i didn’t like the food that they made. Even what they buy. Cause, i know, that is not delicous at all. Then, one day, i like refused the food that they offer to me, and they said ‘Biasalah. Ken.’ And i was like, ‘Bitch. Don’t you know that u’re food not delicious huh? It’s taste like cat’s poop.’ But, i keep it and not tell them. Cause, if i told them it means i killed my self.

I always want and ask my mother to move and have a new space but, she won’t agree with me. cause, i’m a little jerk girl. I am still a minor. And i really hate it. Like, i can’t go everywhere free but my friend can. (well, i know they do to me cause they care. But, i really want to have a new space. For my own.)

And what i hate from this place is, HOLIDAY. Like, everyone love holiday. Ofc i am too. But, if holiday come, it means, i need to show my face to them every single second. Cause, i ever go buy something to my aunt. And i buy it. Then, about 3 or 4 hours later she said to her child, “Loh, Ken baru turun.” Like anjing lah. Gue udah bantuin kon trs kon ngomong kek gitu? Mikir deh, lek kalo ada orang lain, mereka pasti ngira gue kurang ajar. Padahal ws beliin kon barang kok. Gak sadar diri. SHE, AND HER CHILD LIKE BOTH ARE THE SAME.

Another problem are same to her child that he told me that i just show my face to them while, about 2 or 3 hours ago, i go to dentist with him. LIKE FUCK LAH. I don’t care if they thinking that was a joke, but for me, that was an insult.

Thats it. Thank you to waste your time to read this fucking story. Please comment, share and subscribe

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