Wednesday, December 21, 2016

#OMTELOLETOM --Indonesia Viral Story-- English version

So guys. If didn't know what is OM TELOLET OM, well, i'm here to tell you about this viral.

It actually a sound from a bus. It sound like TELOLET. So that, why people said TELOLET. And Om means 'uncle' who drives the bus. This viral born from a child who wants to hear the sound from a bus. Than he yelling and saying TELOLET so the drive make sound of it. Someone record it and BOOM. That TELOLET become Viral at everywhere. Well, actually that kinda embarrassing cause once something gone viral at indonesia, WE indonesian people will do that everywhere. Include,--someone who famous in Instagram or Twitter.

Fyi, you can found the video OM TELOLET OM at YT. Some of famous people like DJ snake or ZEDD already notice us. #Noticemesenpai #ew

Thank you for you who reading this info. I know my English kinda bad, but hope you understand D'Viral that we made XD. see ya.

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