Monday, June 13, 2016

What is my response? --about a man who talking shit about Quran and Christian

Okay!! Today i’m gonna talk about a guy who talking about another religion but in negative way (for me, he totally a shit). He is Amos Yee. Actually, idk who is he, but someone talk about them at YT. And, i subscribe that person—not Amos Yee.

And this is the link:

 Like i said, he is kinda racist. Idk why, but he talk about christian and moslem in bad way. When i google him, he is actually played a role in a movie. But, why he act like that? And also, i don’t have time to watch all the video that he had. Ain’t nobody got time for that man.

From all the video that he made, i conclude that he is a stupid dog ass. He make almost every video that he made are negative. Ex: WHY YOU SHOULD DROP OUT FROM SCHOOL? WHYY BITCHHH?! WHY I MUST TO? Ehem. Like, maybe he got drop out from his school cause he is stupid #ooopsss.

Then, he really happy when Lee Kuan Yew is dead. Okay, FYI, idk who is Lee Kuan is, but, why you must happy about it? And also, he hate his own country. Probably he hate it—Just look again AND MAYBE HE WANT TO DESTROY SINGAPORE WITH HIS HAND. WHAT THE FUCK DUDE?!. He is singaporean and he hate the national’s song of singapore. WHY DUDE? I’am an indonesian, and i love my national’s song but i hate when my school need to had a ceremony. It’s hot okay.

One word for him. Stupiddogasswithonelineatyoureyesbitchfuckyou. Yeah. He even try to destroy singapore’s Government. Like what? Then if you destroy them, where will you live huh? He hate singapore, he hate Quran, he hate christian, he hate Lee Kuan Yew, he hate the Government of singapore, he hate everything. why don’t you just die? He even got skype by Adam Saleh—dude. He is cute—and he (Amos Yee) can smile and take  a selfie. Where is your pride? Don’t he feel shame when he got call by someone who is a moslem? If i was AY, i will not reject Adam’s call.

Like dude, this guy must be going to jail. But, he still happy when the police come to his place. What the hell dude? When i’m in my class and i was eating, then my teacher come and see me, i will have a heart attack. Right there, in front of my teacher and my friend. This guy is insane. Maybe....he doesn’t have a job. #oopss.

Well, that’s all for this. And this is what is my response to this Stupiddogasswithonelineatyoureyesbitchfuckyou.

Byeh. See you next time when i have a time to write my stupid story.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Curhat Bacot #3

Maybe this blog can be my daily blog. Like another version of VLOG. BLOG. GOBLOG.

Okay. Joking. But the daily blog i take it seriously. So, the new sinetron is.... I need food. I know, i know, a girl like me need food. Kinda weird huh? But i really need food. I REALLY NEED FOOD. If i must choose, food/make up. Simple. Ofc FOOD. I don’t need makeup if i have food. Food can make us alive and be free. Makeup. Nah. Dimakan aja kagak, cmn dipake tok. Heyeh.

Back to topic. Like i said berfore, my new house is kinda bad. Like, almost everyday i fasting like a stupid pig ass. (Don’t worry guys, i not make fun of you who is fasting. Especially when ramadhan day. I’m just telling that i am fasting like stupid pig ass Why? Read—cause listen is mainstream—my story first). First, i’m fasting cause, the food at my ‘house’ is terribly bad. Like, really bad. Even makanan untuk buka and sahur much more delicious than the food at my ‘house’.

Everytime i saw a food at snapchat i was like, “EH. GUE BELUM MAKAN LU UDH BUKA DULUAN.” I really hate that situation. And right now, my room a.k.a my bedroom is my house. Like, i ate snack at there (I know that snack is not healty), sometimes i ate McD like someone who doesn’t have any choice to ate at anywhere else (in 1 month—no—like this 1 month ago, i almost ate McD 2 month almost every week) then i ate INDOMIEH. Who doesn’t love indomieh?

I really need food. Like real food. Everytime i just watching Tasty make some food and then i gonna said “I will make this food. Someday.” But, in the end, i didn’t make any of them. I always want to eat at outside but, i really bad at tasting. I really scared if i buy something and it not delicous. Ikr, it’s weird. But, how i supposed to do? Eating the air? I always tell my self that in a minute, it already midnight. And i really happy when it’s already midnight. Cause, i can stay at my room for a long time.

Actually, i had a trouble with ‘this family’. Cause, i didn’t like the food that they made. Even what they buy. Cause, i know, that is not delicous at all. Then, one day, i like refused the food that they offer to me, and they said ‘Biasalah. Ken.’ And i was like, ‘Bitch. Don’t you know that u’re food not delicious huh? It’s taste like cat’s poop.’ But, i keep it and not tell them. Cause, if i told them it means i killed my self.

I always want and ask my mother to move and have a new space but, she won’t agree with me. cause, i’m a little jerk girl. I am still a minor. And i really hate it. Like, i can’t go everywhere free but my friend can. (well, i know they do to me cause they care. But, i really want to have a new space. For my own.)

And what i hate from this place is, HOLIDAY. Like, everyone love holiday. Ofc i am too. But, if holiday come, it means, i need to show my face to them every single second. Cause, i ever go buy something to my aunt. And i buy it. Then, about 3 or 4 hours later she said to her child, “Loh, Ken baru turun.” Like anjing lah. Gue udah bantuin kon trs kon ngomong kek gitu? Mikir deh, lek kalo ada orang lain, mereka pasti ngira gue kurang ajar. Padahal ws beliin kon barang kok. Gak sadar diri. SHE, AND HER CHILD LIKE BOTH ARE THE SAME.

Another problem are same to her child that he told me that i just show my face to them while, about 2 or 3 hours ago, i go to dentist with him. LIKE FUCK LAH. I don’t care if they thinking that was a joke, but for me, that was an insult.

Thats it. Thank you to waste your time to read this fucking story. Please comment, share and subscribe

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Curhat Bacot #2

Yeay. Back again with me KenArap si Blogger bacot. #ew #plagiator

Nope. Just joke.
Like the other story, i want to tell you about my freind. Just called her N. She is my classmate, she is pretty smart and slow (like a sloth). What i want to tell is, (Oke, once again, all the story at this fucking blog just my OPINION. Don’t judge that quick.) she has a family that is kinda overprotective? Idk. What i know is, she looks like live at a jail.

Cause, about a year ago, i have a plan to go with her. Like, go to the mall. Then, her mother ban her to go out with me. i really shock with that. Because, she said that i am not polite with her family. Like, i know her family and i really scared to go to her house to said ‘hi’ to her mother. Like, really scared.

Then, her mother told her that i’m such a jerk. Like an asshole that bring someone child go out without her mother permission. Then, her mother also told her that she is—decided to N—is a bitch. Cause, she easily go out with someone that her mother doesn’t know. I was like... “Whaattttt???” like, she is in a jail. She can’t go out with someone else. I was totally freaking out, like—sorry—what kind of parents are they?

After thinking for 10 decades, i wondering, how will N’s BF could be? Like seriously, think about it. Maybe, her BF need to follow alll the rules that N’s mother made. Like, a long long long rules.

Then, i was like telling my self that this is isn’t Kartini’s era okay. This is modern era. You can’t keep your child in a prison like that. Like, i was telling my friend what would you do if your parent do this to you. The answer is simple. Cry. Really cry. Like, even my mother didn’t do that to me. She let me go out, but i need to know the limits. I can go out but i must not go home at 11 PM.

Well, that is. I know the story is short. Cause, i can do it anymore.


--thank you for waste your time to read this fucking bullshit. Come back later.

--thenk you ws mampir ke gubuk jelek ku ini. Lek kon suka, bagi’o, lek gak suka yws, jok datang maneh. Matek’o ae. Buwai-buwai

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Curhat Bacot

Hey. Whazzap. Apakabz? #ew #plagiator.

Kay. i'm joking. 

About, my story. That was real, and i don't have time to make the hole story just for sharing like fucking idiot. 

Jadi,--berusaha pake BI yang baik dan benar--gue punya temen. Sebut aja dia itu, Keylin. Nama yang keren kan. Jadi, si key ini rada manja. Kalau bahasa kasarnya, gak bisa hidup sendiri tanpa uang dan pembantu. Jujur gue rada gak suka sama cara dia hidup didunia nyata. Kayak, dikit-dikit butuh mbak yang bisa asuh dia.

(oke. Bakalan banyak dari kalian yang akan bilang, “Yo, kek gitu, jok ngurus hidup orang lah. Ngurus ae hidupmu dewe.” Pasti. Dan ini hanya opini gue. Plis, opini orang beda-beda okeh)

Lanjut. Gue baru kenal dia baru-baru aja. Dan gue udah ngerasa kalau dia itu gak bisa hidup tanpa pembantu. Ya, rumahnya lantai 2, dia dibawah, handphonenya diatas. Dia bakalan minta mbaknya, buat ambil handphonenya. Dan rumahnya  itu tergolong kecil karena, dia kontrak. Dan menurut gue, itu gak penting banget buat minta orang lain buat ngambil barang lo sendiri. Juga pas mau jalan, dia pasti minta mbaknya yang lagi masak buat ambil sepatu diatas. Gue bilang sama dia ‘napa gak ambil sendiri’ dan jawabannya seingat gue ‘biarin aja ah’. Oke. Gue mulai mual sama orang ini. Tapi, gue tahan. Soalnya, anaknya sensian.

Then, when we are at anjem—antar jemput—her money was left at her house and she ask to ther maid to bring the money to the school with motorcycle. And i was like, ‘dude, lek kek gitu, lapa’o kon gak pake mbakmu buat antar kon ke sekolah?”
Dan gue kayak, ini gue yang bego apa dia yang bego. Like, she can do anything when her maid was at home. THeN, she want to live outside from indonesia.

One day i asked her, if you want to lived at outside from indonesia, you will lived at apartment isn’t? Then who clean up your room. She said with smoothly, “Aku kan bawa ini (dedicated to her maid) yo, dee nanti yang bersihin kamarku.”

From there i was realized, that she can’t live outside from her HOUSE alone. She needs a bodyguard to protect her from dangerous. Like, if you want to lived at an apartment, you need to be standalone from everything. She even ask me how to download video from youtube. (i know this is unimportant but, dude. This is 2016. And we have google, why don’t you ask google before you ask me.) She also ask how to use the form from google form. I was like, TRY ASK GOOGLE NAK. YOU KNOW MBAH GOOGLE DON’T YOU HUH? She is rich, but she can’t use google properly like i do. She like to buy many kind of clothes but she didn’t know common issues around her.

Well, that is my story, what is yours?


--thanks to waste your time to read my fucking story.

-Makasih buat ngeluangin waktumu buat cerita sampah kek gini.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How i survive my life--Indonesia

Okay. just for intro, my name is ken. not my name but just called me like that. i was born at indonesia--samarinda. I have a really lovely family at my hometown. I have a friend that help me so much at many situation. and now, i moved to surabaya to study more. Like, samarinda is in borneo, and surabaya is in Java. Thats why parents put me here, at surabaya. 

Lets move to the point. 

I lived with my aunt. She is my dad's sister. at a moment, my live is normal, then i got bullied at my new school. such as, their yelling at me, copying my voice, copying my word and the worst is, one of my classmate throw some food into me. I almost can't handle it. I told my mom and she just say i need to be patient. one day, they will forget about anything i did, and accept me like the other student. Then, about 2/3 month later, they can accept me as a student. Just about a month, some problem come and make me frustrated until now. My new house.

as long as i live here, anything is normal. but then, something is happening and its really disturbing me. Well, we all are human and need food. But the food at here was freaking bad. They keep saving a food until 3 days. (Some of you might be thinking that saving for 3 days is okay. But. they keep saving it but no one eat it. weird huh?). Then i decided to not eat them until midnight--until now. I can't accept this anymore. But, there is one day, that i decided to eat, but, THE HOLE FOOD STILL COMPLETE. AND THEY DECIDED TO EAT AT OUTSIDE--WHICH MEAN...the food isn't delicious. They made so so so so many food. but no one eat it. Why? why i must the only one who need to eat it. Even--i'm sorry--Their daughter said, nothing is on the table while the food still there. I was like, why this is happening.

One day, i tired to not eating with them. Then accidentally, when i want to go to the bathroom, my aunt said to her husband. "Is ken fasting? HAHAHA." And they keep talking about me at that night. i was like, why this is happening to me? I can't even go cause i heard about it. Then. TODAY. I ALSO ACCIDENTALLY HEARD THAT THEY (ALMOST) TALKING ABOUT ME. First is about their daughter. they said, their daughter is okay if she didn't eat, then when i came, they was like "Ken. Where do you want to go?" THEY CHANGE THEIR TOPIC. LIKE WTF? You think i can't hear huh? 

Another problem is, they said i reallly not respect with them. cause, Every time i go home from school, i didn't talk with them. The first time i go out and come home and said "Aunty, i'm home." she just like, "huh?" SO I DECIDED TO NOT TALKING WITH HER. but she didn't remember it. Then, (gosh. there are still many of my prob that can't be solve that easy.) one day, i really had a bad bad bad terrible worst day. So i decided to sit and thinking. What if, i suicide? No body care about me. My parent, and i don't have a friend. My dad can't do much cause, my aunt is older than my dad. i was thinking all night to think about it again. At that time, i was scared to ask my mom, how if i suicide. I really scared and at midnight, i ask my mom, at that time, she reply and i cry. I was crying a lot. She keep telling me if i suicide, i must know the consequent. 

After i try to keep calm, the other problem come. if i can't eat, how can i survive? I can't cook by my own cause, the kitchen was own by my aunt. And if i cook at there, she will ask why i JUST don't eat food at the table. If i, said that the food wasn't delicious, that means, i killing my self. And, (btw, i clean my clothes alone) if i need to wash everything by my hand, by my self, THEN why i'm not live at an apartment? 

I really hate this kind of home. No one live here. I can't feel any family. Sometimes, i really jealous, with some student who can bring some food from home. But i can't. My aunt can't cook that well. And the food wasn't delicious at all. GOD!!! i can't handle this. 


-thanks for give your time to read this fucking story. I know my story kinda mess with the language, but enjoy it.

--Makasih buat udah baca cerita busuk ini. Gue tau cara gue sampaikan pake bahasa inggris--Biar sok gahol gitu--Dan ini cerita gue, cerita bagaimana gue bisa hadapin kehidupan gue yang 'gelap'