Monday, June 13, 2016

What is my response? --about a man who talking shit about Quran and Christian

Okay!! Today i’m gonna talk about a guy who talking about another religion but in negative way (for me, he totally a shit). He is Amos Yee. Actually, idk who is he, but someone talk about them at YT. And, i subscribe that person—not Amos Yee.

And this is the link:

 Like i said, he is kinda racist. Idk why, but he talk about christian and moslem in bad way. When i google him, he is actually played a role in a movie. But, why he act like that? And also, i don’t have time to watch all the video that he had. Ain’t nobody got time for that man.

From all the video that he made, i conclude that he is a stupid dog ass. He make almost every video that he made are negative. Ex: WHY YOU SHOULD DROP OUT FROM SCHOOL? WHYY BITCHHH?! WHY I MUST TO? Ehem. Like, maybe he got drop out from his school cause he is stupid #ooopsss.

Then, he really happy when Lee Kuan Yew is dead. Okay, FYI, idk who is Lee Kuan is, but, why you must happy about it? And also, he hate his own country. Probably he hate it—Just look again AND MAYBE HE WANT TO DESTROY SINGAPORE WITH HIS HAND. WHAT THE FUCK DUDE?!. He is singaporean and he hate the national’s song of singapore. WHY DUDE? I’am an indonesian, and i love my national’s song but i hate when my school need to had a ceremony. It’s hot okay.

One word for him. Stupiddogasswithonelineatyoureyesbitchfuckyou. Yeah. He even try to destroy singapore’s Government. Like what? Then if you destroy them, where will you live huh? He hate singapore, he hate Quran, he hate christian, he hate Lee Kuan Yew, he hate the Government of singapore, he hate everything. why don’t you just die? He even got skype by Adam Saleh—dude. He is cute—and he (Amos Yee) can smile and take  a selfie. Where is your pride? Don’t he feel shame when he got call by someone who is a moslem? If i was AY, i will not reject Adam’s call.

Like dude, this guy must be going to jail. But, he still happy when the police come to his place. What the hell dude? When i’m in my class and i was eating, then my teacher come and see me, i will have a heart attack. Right there, in front of my teacher and my friend. This guy is insane. Maybe....he doesn’t have a job. #oopss.

Well, that’s all for this. And this is what is my response to this Stupiddogasswithonelineatyoureyesbitchfuckyou.

Byeh. See you next time when i have a time to write my stupid story.